The fact that the events of November 9th-11 1989 ended bloodlessly in Germany and didn’t become another Tianiman or Romania says something inspiring about the German people. It is amazing that due to a simple action as a Politburo member mispeaking during a press conference that it set in motion this chain of events which led to the mighty Berlin Wall being torn down as seen in the documentary “The Wall came Tumbling down”

The inaction and ignorance of the East German leadership is astounding. The fact that the Politburo didn’t know that thousands were lining up at the Wall- only miles from party headquarters-  illustrates an astounding lack of communication among the DDR government.  The leadership needs to be commended though for the fact that they did not let the border crossings turn into a bloodbath.  Though recounted in the film that they sent more border guards and Stasi units to the wall, the fact that those soldiers ultimately withdrew is simply a fact.   One thing  i thought was fairly interesting was that Western Germans crossed to the East, if only to “look around”.

The events of those few nights shows that spontaneous reaction are often the most influential.


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